For thoes of you who play GOW constanly or is waiting for the Halo 3 Beta Testing/Halo 3 to release, you should join an active guild I made over the weekend that has a pretty good kick-ass team of players. We have a website already and is updated constantly so go check it out:

We will start doing clan matches this week-end so if you know anyone, or want to changellenge us, then please send me a Xbox Live message to Savior1092. Thank you for you time =p.
GOW sucks its to easy.
A.T.H.K wrote:
GOW sucks its to easy.

I need u to reply to me casue I really need a custom font made.
I'm poor. I get 20 bucks per MONTH. Lets suppose I spend 15 bucks on.. who knows? I basically get FIVE bucks per month. So... I need 14 months to actually buy a game. Omfg...

Anyways, I'm looking forward to buying halo 3.
GOOD NEWS (for you)!
Just got GoW, dude.
Kinda hard to run away from SEARS' guards, but I still got the game baby