Making a Splash Screen to put in all our future games. This is what we have so far.

I feel like I need to add more additions to this. Any suggestions? Feedback is also welcome.
It's great for a start. Far from complete, though.
I suggest shading it a bit, particularly around the eyes.
Also, the mouth and eyes need some AA.

Good start, though!
Looks nice so far, but you definitely need to apply some anti aliasing, it would make this look much better.
Added some AA to the mouth. How is it?
Looks better. Although it seems a tiny bit too heavy.
You need AA on everything. I dig the monochrome. I dig the simplicity.
I think shading might screw up the look you're going for.

That said, it still feels like this is missing something.
Perhaps you should try adding your key name underneath it or below it.
Well added the name underneath it. I think its going for a pixely type of look.
O,o a title screen that looks like a blot thingy my therapist would use to see if I was crazy. I likes!
I dig it.
Eyebrows are jaggy over eyes but good overall design.

far from perfect but i did this in like 5 minutes of boredom lol. not saying this is better, but personally i like the random change i did haha

I did a REALLY quick AA job to show you the potential of the piece.
In response to Boxcar
Thanks! I'm not really good with AA, that is something that I would have to improve on in the future.
Yeah, really nice logotype. But as it's been already told, it needs AA. Good one :P