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Looking for an easy way to make a portrait of your character? Use the HeroMachine. Below, a portrait of Cerulea's new Mahamut race.

That HeroMachine is nifty! Looks like I'll have to get me a copy.

Do the Mahamuts follow the teachings of Mahomet?
I used the HeroMachine when I was a little tiddlywink, but since they went all commercial I felt all cheap and used, like a disposable cell phone.
The name is meant to be evocative of the Middle East, from Mohammed to the Mamelukes. The Mahamuts are also intended to be "soldier slaves" of a sort.
My old forum avatar was a pic from Hero Machine representing one of my Star Harbor Nights characters... it's a fast and fun way of getting at least an approximation of a character from your friend, but there's license issues as we started looking towards publication, so we no longer use HM images on our page.
Hrm, I think I like the term mamluk in that instance. IE an Mahamut foot mamluk (v. mamluk cavalry, for example).

Other potential terms might be ghulam or janissary.