hi i just got my ubuntu and i have no freckin clue how im supposed to install the byond programs(i got them great on windows though). once i unzip all i get are files and when i check the readme it says all i need to do is type make and follow instructions but where do i type make i tried the command box but nothing happens please help me somebody... lol yes im a noob
I'm sure you're completely unaware of this, but BYOND is only used for hosting purposes on linux systems. You can not play games with it unless you use wine.

If you're interested in installing on linux, open up a terminal and do the following:

mkdir BYOND
cd byond
make here
cd bin
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=~/BYOND/byond/bin

Once again though, you can't play games with it. So you most likely will have no use for it at all.
ok so basically your telling me that i can not run dream maker on a linux platform?? and the only use is for running a server right?
You can run Dream Maker and Dream Seeker on a Linux platform provided you use WINE to execute BYOND as a windows program.
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You can compile any BYOND game using Linux you just don't have a GUI to do it.

I heard of some people making a Java based compiler don't know how that is going though.

ok so to run dream maker i need to get wine and download the windows version of byond on linux is that right?
That is the only way I've ever got it working, yes.
wow ubuntu sucks i cant even get public acces to the net to download wine... i think im gonna simply just get windows back on there!