Casual Quest

by IainPeregrine
A fast paced, casual, multi player action game with a little RPG touch
I think that it's kind of unfair that whereever magic is concerned, only fire is represented in the offensive spells.

So, I thought about how to go about representing the other "elements" without adding another tier or whatever.

Perhaps some kind of elemental attunement can be implemented.

What I mean is that each class has a default element (fire) and when the player acquires another element, the class becomes a different version. A class doesn't need to have different versions for all elements. A knight might have fire and water attuned versions, but no earth or air attuned.

For example: the Sorceror is a fire-attuned 3M class. When it becomes air-attuned, it can become an Electromancer (which is similar in terms of player role but dissimilar in terms of style of play).

The elements I have in mind:
Fire - Default element. Focus on dealing damage to targets.
Water - Focus on slowing and debuffing targets.
Air - Focus on pushing targets.
Earth - Focus on manipulating map elements.

Some examples:
Sorceror (3M):
  • (FIRE) - Sorceror. Duh.

  • (WATER) - Hydromancer:
    Z skill: No Idea!
    X skill: Torrent - Fires a projectile that travels in a straight line, leaving a trail of water that slows all enemies that walk into it. Deals 2 damage
    C skill: Deluge - Fires a projectiles that floods an area, damaging and slowing all affected enemies

  • (AIR) - Electromancer

  • (EARTH) - Terramancer:
    Z skill: No Idea!
    X skill: Fissure - Creates an unpassable fissure in the ground, 4 tiles long. All enemies caught in the fissure upon casting is damaged for 2 damage. The fissure disappears after 5 seconds.
    C skill: Quake - Creates an unpassable fissure in the ground that branches out, up to 12 tiles long.

Rogue (3R):
  • (FIRE): Rogue

  • (WATER): Pirate Lord
    Basic Attack: A cleaving saber
    Z Skill: Musket. Shoots a bullet. 2 damage. Consumes a little aura
    X Skill: Cannon. Shoots a projectile that explodes upon impact or upon reaching its 6 tile range. The explosion does 2 damage and slows all affected targets.
    C Skill: No Idea!

  • (AIR): Steam Engineer
    Basic Attack: Wrench. Equivalent to Wood Sword.
    Z Skill: Musket. Shoots a bullet. 2 damage. Consumes a little aura.
    X Skill: No idea!
    C Skill: Steam Turret. Places a steam turret (stationary summon type) that rapidly fires numerous bullets in one direction for 5 seconds before disappearing. These numerous bullets should be capable of pushing enemies very far.

  • (EARTH): Miner?
Great idea, but it ain't gonna happen in this game. I can't afford to spend time adding new features of this magnitude, including all the other things that would have to be added to make it work (like changing the card system fundamentally).

This kind of time and effort can be better spent on projects of a larger scope.
In response to IainPeregrine
I thought of it as an item drop that could change your elemental attunement, rather than changing the preexisting card system