Casual Quest

by IainPeregrine
A fast paced, casual, multi player action game with a little RPG touch

I was playing a little while ago and I noticed an afro character harassing another player (Just one in particular), causing him to die repeatedly.

The strange thing was that at the end of every round he wasn't listed there as a player.

Curiously, I never saw him use the F3 chat.

Who is this mysterious afro warrior? Is such harassment allowed? Is he some kind of bot? Is this topic even relevant?

Find out next week.

Love the game, by the way. Regressia too.
Eh, it's just Jamckell... His behavior -- sadly, that's just him. The afro character is his custom, and custom characters are unable to get score points, so that is why his name did not show up at the end of the waves.
I was harrassing Isaac5034, that's my friend; I know who he is.