Casual Quest

by IainPeregrine
A fast paced, casual, multi player action game with a little RPG touch
Make wind not effect invulnerable (flashing) players.
Done in version 1.26.
Add an if(){} statement to the enemies() proc, so as to split the formula for pre-200 monsters from the one for wave 200 and beyond.

Open question to anyone reading: Should I make the monsters from wave 150 to 200 harder, or wait until 200 to upgrade the monsters?

If I change the monsters on wave 150 to 200, then it'll be harder to get to 200, and previously earned high scores, high wave, and high consecutive waves counts will be harder to beat. If I, instead, change the monsters after 200, then the score will progress without a problem, but the game will take much much longer to defeat (you'll have to play through 50 waves before reaching new content). Up to you guys.
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Why must you insist on being so crazy? :(

Do you have to make the change? Or is it just something you want to do because of the new content at 209?

If that's the case, I'd say make the monsters after 200 harder if you have to make anything harder. Although I think the monsters after 200 after difficult enough as it is, we barely survived even with our awesome team.

Make them harder at 200 if you have to, because it almost doesn't seem fair to new players that they can't even come close to beating the highest scores without a seriously hardcore team. And some of the players on the front page probably didn't work so hard to get those scores, compared to how hard they would have work after 150 with harder monsters. Just seems cruel to change the difficulty at this stage in the game. Except for waves where points no longer count like 200+.
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Thanks for the feedback.

One thing to note is that, with harder monsters, you'd get a much higher score if you got to wave 200. Instead of getting 700 points from the monsters on wave 170, for instance, you'd get around 1000. So anyone who did get to wave 200 would end up with a higher score.

I'll hold off on adding harder monsters if players think that it's hard enough. In case anyone was wondering, the monsters would not have been new; I would have only been making some of the harder bosses show up as normal enemies, so it would be possible to fight things like reapers and blobs at the same time. Because I want you to die horrible deaths.
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Yeah, that's just it. The game is difficult as it is. The only reason we survived as well as we did today is because of the team we had, and the players on that team. If we hadn't been working like a well oiled machine when the walls started to close in we would have died way sooner. :P

While the idea of getting a higher score is nice, the difficulty would probably be a little too much to handle, even with a team full of high priests and monks, or something silly like that. xD
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Well, I'm a glutton for punishment I like games like Mud and Blood 2 that are "impossible" to really win. But if you do make waves harder after 200+ might be better because you could potentially beat older scores as a new/newer player and still give experienced players something to shoot for.
My question about this would be: Would the special area for 200-209 still be in there at 200 or after?
On this topic I think I would prefer it after for more challenge.
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Joram wrote:
My question about this would be: Would the special area for 200-209 still be in there at 200 or after?

The special area would still be 200-209

I don't know if non-members can follow blog posts, but please try. I'm trying to set you two up with some forum privileges related to what we spoke about today.