Casual Quest

by IainPeregrine
A fast paced, casual, multi player action game with a little RPG touch
There are a lot of odds and ends in the skill system that will need to be cleaned up. For instance, the rogue fire arrow doesn't work, and the cost of a lot of skills is now standard, when it used to be different for each class. For instance, the High Priest shouldn't have a revive that costs the same as the cleric, and Kai's custom has a heal that costs 1 point, but should cost a third of his aura (something like 64, I forget). This means that we'll probably have to make subtypes of certain often used skills (like heal) with different costs for different classes.
The necro homing missile seems to cost a little extra aura than it did before.

The conjurer's Titan seems a little dumber, but he still attacks now and then.
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The necro's revive costs more than it should, too. All characters with revive probably need a custom subtype.
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The Sorcerer's firesnake costs only a small portion of aura, like.. 1 maybe.

This ones a major problem.
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Probably because the GM's firesnake was so cheap.
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IainPeregrine wrote:
We're going to need descriptions for all the skills, too. In the descriptions you should say how much damage the skill/projectile does. Instead of saying "it does 2 damage" and then that being wrong when we change the amount of damage it does, say "it does ~p damage" and I'll do some programming magic to make that ~p into the correct amount of damage. See CauTiON's post for the files you'll need. Edit the skills/abilities file, the projectiles file is just so you can get damage info. If we can get the abilities descriptions out of the way, we can update by Friday, and then start working on fun stuff.

Okay, now I feel guilty for leaving all those ~p tags untouched. I probably would have been better off hardcoding the damage, now that I've played around with the update and checked the link. It's even hardcoded in the website.

That said... I'm quite sure that I didn't change any of the cost variables when I was editing the skills file, but there is probably a lot more that goes into the code than I know. I'll cross check with the website just in the possible case.
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We're doing the ~p because we don't want the values to be hard-coded. That just means that the info pages will go out of date as soon as any of those number is changed, and keeping them up to date will require that whoever changes the number remembers all the places where that number is used. Leave the ~p in there.

What we need to do is parse the description text and replace any instances of ~p with the value of the potency variable. Perhaps this should be done in skill/New().
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I'm going to need a list of how much aura each skill should be taking out for each class. I'm going to go ahead and make guesses and we can modify as need be for balance purposes, but if you all have decent memory, it would be much appreciated.
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In addition,

There are two ways to go about this. We can do the aura check as they press the keys, rather than in-skill. This would save a lot of code-space. The only drawback is every character would now need new variables marking cost of each skill. But, for modularity, this would be more beneficial (IF we need them different, which we do).

The other is the already-proposed way. I'm going to go ahead and do my way, and if you have a suggestion change, bounce it off me.
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I guess skill1_cost, skill2_cost, and skill3_cost variables make more sense. I can give you the 1.30 files if you need to see the old costs for skills.
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Funny, that's exactly how I named them. And yes, that would be beneficial. You know my e-mail. I just need the host files and the files with the skill costs (assuming all character files).
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If it's not too horribly outdated, I'm grabbing all the information for practically everything from this link.

I've also fixed a few things on the cards.

This update is going to make these look significantly better. ;)
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CauTi0N wrote:
If it's not too horribly outdated, I'm grabbing all the information for practically everything from this link.

It is horribly outdated. I sent you the 1.30 source so you can get the updated costs.