by IainPeregrine
A fast paced, casual, multi player action game with a little RPG touch
Updates will be worked on pretty extensively this weekend, trying to fix pretty much everything listed here in these forums. Between work and my anti-biotics pretty much putting me into shut-down mode, I haven't had the energy to do much, but I've been slowly creeping up the path of feeling better.

Some of these bugs may require some more extensive multi-player testing, so if I have any hosts that would be willing to do some private testing with me, that would be lovely.
Might I suggest rolling back to 1.30 until the update is finished?
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That would be a nice idea - I know that some people do still have the 1.30 files, so if anyone could upload those host files, we can get some of them hosted.
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I don't have my laptop near me today, and updates are still rolling - I don't have the files on me, if you want to e-mail me the files I can upload the host files and we can get that up and going until the updates are done.

email: johnnykalevin@gmail.com
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Update: I managed to snag a "bit" older copy of the game and manage to re-update everything. Including newer updates now. should be able to push out quite a bit of work today.
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I have 1.30. Do you need it?
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Host files - yeah, I do. Just for public use until this all gets fixed.
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I was thinking we could just upload it onto the forums so that anyone could download and host as necessary - it would be easy for those who know how to work with Dream Deamon.

EDIT: nevermind - I'm being an idiot. The hub says that the version is 1.31, but the download link is for 1.30. >.>
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If you want, that'd be great. ;)