by Falacy
Icons for BYOND to share! Uploaded by the BYOND community.
1. Add a Search box based on Uploaders/Icon Name
2. Give the player a chance to reorder the icons by Name, Size, Frequency downloaded.
Good Ideas
In response to Falacy
OMG!!!!!!!! :D
You responded Falacy ;D

Could you add something like a different tab or something for your games.....

What I mean is, make a specific location thingy for others to place their icons for you to look at so you don't look at like 20 icons when all your trying to find is something for your game specifically

Note: I love how your icon share thingy looks :p
In response to Andyextreme42king
Could you add an option next to the search box to find icons based off of username or icon name?

Because when I type in Goku, i end up with a lot of Goku icons and all but some things aren't goku icons :o

Their just people with Goku in their name...