by Falacy
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ok, so i uploaded a SS4 Gohan icon on iconshare. it mustve been erased or watever like icon whipe but anyway, i go to reupload SS4 Gohan and it says "SS4Gohan.dmi by Jg1234 already uses this icon file!" he seriously stole it, it was exactly the same. plz do anything u can to make sure he doesnt steal anymore icons. and plz do watever u can in ur power to make sure he doesnt do it again.

P.S. if u do end up using that icon by any chance, all credit goes to me, i dont even no Jg1234
It means the name is already in use.
In response to Darker Legends
i no wat ur trying to get at but listen it said, "already uses it icon FILE" and plus i tried changing the name of the icon, it said the same thing
In response to Leman95959595
Teamwork!, Credits TO YOU BOTH!
In response to DarkHus
why dont u jsut add icon made by fool
In response to Kakarots
it wasnt teamwork, i dont even no who this guy is, mexican saiyan is the only one who helped, i just added the rest. JG stole the icon!!!
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Man its just an icon.....
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Sasukexnaruto wrote:
Man its just an icon.....

yes dont cry put 1% alpha icon of "made by" paste every icon.. or be nice to them and told them to delete that what he copy. He also steal my xicor but i post another icon said taht "jg1234 stealer please remove it" and he removed :)