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Icons for BYOND to share! Uploaded by the BYOND community.
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Beastie123Boys wrote:
I'm friend's with Eric.

And I reply to this topic simply because I can. I found this topic by mistake and laughed as I read it.

:-) i know the topic is funny :D

Plus, ask eric i made him happy that day ._.
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I can't ask him right now, he isn't home. He told me yesterday that he wouldn't be on for a day or so because he needs to fix his computer.
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Da-4orce wrote:
Xevxt wrote:
that why falacy dont add da-4orce icon in cause he a *** o.O

Do you know why falacy wont add my icons? Cus a n00b named mateus posted a ICONPACK on the forums and 1/2 of my work was in it. And ofcourse some people downloaded it and posted the icons on Iconshare,. And OFCOURSE i had to REUPLOAD them. and BAM Falacy thinks im a thief ._.

Dude.you're not the maker of all the icons.And quit being a crybaby about it.Some people stole my icon too,but are you gonna cry about someone stealing or using the same icon?I'm sorry,but you are really annoying when it comes to "YOUR" icons.
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This is the first thing i noticed from people (like you)

First of all in HU2 your licking my balls and calling me a good iconer

on the forums you call me a thief and blablabla

I spend 100 hours making all the icons, that means 4 days of wasting my time.

Yeah, i didnt '' Make '' those icons, They only had a WALK STATE. and i FINISHED everything

So you call it STEALING? if the icon only has a walk state?

ask timme i even finished his Goten SS2 which only had a Walk state -.-
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Give respect!
Youll get respect back!
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