by Falacy
Icons for BYOND to share! Uploaded by the BYOND community.
This might have been brought up, but do icons larger than 36 x 36 show their animation(s) in IconShare?

32x32? They should, but states will overlap
In response to Falacy
Yea that's what I meant. Strange, for some reason it won't work for me :(

I tried out a 64x64 icon that has a movement state but you had to actually download it to see it, instead of it displaying on IconShare.
In response to Oseliman
If its a movement state it won't animate unless its moving
In response to Falacy

Do you mean moving as in the effect itself? If the icon stays at (75, 75) the whole animation, does it not show? If that's what you're talking about than yea I understand but it'd be really helpful if it could be changed ^^.

If you're talking about the actual movement, then yeah, mine does that but it's animation isn't displayed in IconShare.