by Falacy
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Yeah, well I got onto my BYOND main and attempted to log onto iconshare. When I logged on it on my computer it started saying loading. I went AFK for over four hours and yet still, it said, ''ICONSHARE IS LOADING!'' But loading for four hours? My connection/computer is very good. So it couldn't be a problem with that, I cleared my cache and still. But each time I got on iconshare with my laptop it worked fine. What's the problem on why iconshare wasn't working for me on my computer ultimatley? Every other game worked.
Did you mess with the skin/interface?
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Falacy make control freak on iconshare so noone can mess AROUND WITH SKIN
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cool; just want to know is there any problem with fcopy proc
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I don't use fcopy() in IconShare, why?
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cause i tryied to make some thing similar but for source codes but it dont copy source file; and any sort of proc which can help me
Thanks, alot for the response, and I did kinda mess with the skin accidently but now I can log into it perfectly.