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When Ever A Pokemons Supposed To Be On The Map Its Not There And It Says
runtime error: Cannot modify null.mob.
proc name: P Return (/mob/proc/P_Return)
source file: pokemon tab.dm,33
usr: Shieldon (/mob/Pokemon/Shieldon)
src: Shieldon (/mob/Pokemon/Shieldon)
call stack:
Shieldon (/mob/Pokemon/Shieldon): P Return()
Shieldon (/mob/Pokemon/Shieldon): New(CavePoke1 (11,23,2) (/turf/PokemonPops/CavePokemons/CavePoke1))
CavePoke2 (13,23,2) (/turf/PokemonPops/CavePok

Next time you post a code, use
In response to Mner2
Yeeeeeaaa Dont know how to :P
In response to King_LiOnZ
Can't help much without the code where the error is
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Falacy wrote:
Can't help much without the code where the error is

The great coder Falacy can't help with a measly Mob error :O I'm in shock!
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The problem is that you're referencing something that doesn't exist, which the runtime tells you already. How am I supposed to know how you screwed that up?
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Don't worry mate I have a Screenie.
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Of what? The code?
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Not the code O no It doesn't appear As a error on the source when I hit Run. But When I'm in game something very interesting Pops up.
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Yea, because your code fails
source file: pokemon tab.dm,33
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My good Friend Not my code but for a friend :) Hes in need So your the only GOOD coder I could turn to.

But heres the problem http://i946.photobucket.com/albums/ad303/lionsbarragex33/ Problem.png
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First off, don't post links to scam file sharing sites, unless it is a direct link to the image.
Second, I already read the runtime error, its completely worthless without seeing the code that goes along with it.
On line 33 of 'pokemon tab.dm', you attempt to reference something that doesn't exist. AKA null.mob. I'm not repeating myself again. Either post the relevant code, or go away.
In response to Falacy
1. Sorry lord Falacy for Posting a scam sharing site I wasn't thinking.

2.Please forgive me for Misunderstanding your Context.

Love Your Peasant/Servant
If you haven't already solved this, then the runtime error is only telling you that there is a problem, and where to find it.

How do you expect Falacy, or anyone, to be able to help you fix your programming, if we can't see it to begin with to find the error.