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Free game and BYOND Membership up for grabs! To enter, express the best thing(s) about YAGSACG in seven words or less. Phrase it as if you were trying to convince a friend to buy it. Post your entry in the comments, or email it to me (email address is on the left of the page).

If I like one of the entries, it wins a free BYOND Membership or Membership extension and will also receive a free copy of the non-BYOND version of YAGSCG when it's released, making a total prize value of around $34.95*.

*Assuming that YAGSCG sells for $19.95 - this is my current intention but it may change.

If I don't like any of the entries, no prizes will be awarded. On the other hand, if I like more than one of them, then additional prizes (constituting BYOND Memberships and/or free copies of YAGSCG) may be awarded at my discretion.

You may enter multiple times. Submissions on behalf of groups are allowed, in which case the submitters must agree on the division of prizes beforehand (if they cannot agree, the prizes will be allocated amongst them via lottery). You may choose to gift part or all of any prizes you win to somebody else. By entering, you agree that if I award your entry a prize I may use part or all of the entry for any purpose without attribution or further compensation.

The contest is open to entries until further notice (at least a week).

Good luck!
Yet Another Space Age Conquest Game?
The best planet takin' starship shootin' game.

(I would have thrown in "Factory Buildin'" but there was no room.)
It's title is so obvious, it's perfect.
He dissed mom, I conquered his home-planet.

(That is, if you count "home-planet" as one word :-x )

Most Epic space-age conquest game around.
Building ships, sending ships, conquoring planets, Awsome!
or you could say, Building ships, Sendin Them, Conquoring planets: Awsome!
It's a generic mush of space ageness.
An Australian made it. 'nuff said.

Or, Australian Made. Support your country.

Damn I hate them adds.
what more could a powerhungry nerd want?
seven words or less
"It's epic! Generic! Space age-y! It's...awesome!"
Awesomely Stupendous Strategically Errant Space-Conquering.
Exterminate entire civilisations from your computer chair.
Both the simplicity and complexity of chess!

Also, why make us write your advertisements for you? :P
So generic, you'll love it!
All your base are belong to YAGSACG.
Now with 10% more generic fun!
Believe it!


More fun than a harddrive of porn


Take their planets, and eat them too!


They took your planet. Enslave them now!
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