Paradise City

by Falacy
Welcome, to the last city on Earth.
Zombies will raid a random CP each night
CPs can be fortified, barricade windows/doors with collected wood from trees or metal from drop
If your fatigue stat hits zero you pass out - cancel teleporting back to HQ
players can walk through cars
players must press E to trigger a teleporter
Random groups of civies spawn around the city (3-7) and head for HQ
Remove minimap alpha transparency
zombies no longer drop ammo - but instead maybe random items or scrap?
can create bullets from scrap metal
improved/more interested friendly AI?
on-map issueable orders - defend here, move here, etc
oil that can be layed out and shot to light on fire?
new "drag" system - drag items around, only 1 at a time, maybe a cart?
remove the HP gain per level
add new craft stats that can be increased per level - welding, smelting, carpenter
some kind of airdrop system for supplies? needs more details
Playable zombies? Pull other zombies into a horder, and give them orders
* New Skills:
* Class Upgrade A
Medic: Medic Station - Heals 2x, Reduces Infection
Support: Fire Ammo
Engineer: Turret is equipped with a rocket launcher
Commander: SWAT are equipped with maxed out weapons
Ninja: Death slash becomes radial
* Class Upgrade B
Medic: Revive Self
Support: Barricades are energy barriers (cannot be destroyed)
Engineer: Repair Cades Upgrade???
Commander: Capture a CP without being next to it
Ninja: Stealth mode lasts 2x as long
Bottomless Pack (Subs Only)
* New Craft Items:
Smelting Kit
Blacksmith Hammer
* New Weapons
Flame Thrower
Rocket Launchers
Freeze Ray
Laser Cannon
+ Sticky Grenades
+ Det Packs (like throwable C4)
Omg new updates?

Good ideas :)

I got an idea, make it so you have to keep hydrated and fed to stay alive without passing out.

You should also beable to have pets like Dog that can bite zombies and eat them.

The stupidity of zombies should vary too, like some would just ignore you why others would follow you, and some would follow you but lose focus.
In response to The Great Sabin
i love each of ur updates Q_Q rocket laugher comes back o.o you make a old boy realy happy o,o i cannot wait till it comes out >__<
Hey Falacy i cant change my head players keep on telling go to opitons and it will say head but i dont see it
just i dont like the (subs only)
I didn't even know you still worked on this. But that may just be because I've been away from the internet for some time now. But glad to hear it. I can honestly say you have programmed a majority of my personal favorite games on here and I love that you stick with the older ones.