Paradise City

by Falacy
Welcome, to the last city on Earth.
Evolution: Addition of evolved zombie types listed here, and possibly some others.

Factions: Various factions will roam around the city. Civilians, military, zombies, fanatics, mercs, looters. They will have various tasks, outposts, allegiances, and tech to provide the world with as they fight for control.

Territories: Players will be able to purchase flags and stake claims to a portion of land in a new section of the map. On which they can build houses/outposts/shops/whatever.

Squads: Players will be able to manage a team of 3 AI troops. Selecting general appearance, weapon load out, classes, formations, and various other things for their team. Basically a more advanced version of the commander class, which will be modified.

Underlands: The sewer network under the city will become accessible, running electric/gas/water lines throughout the city and to the territories. A new faction of underlanders will also be available.

BioMech Armor: Players can purchase and upgrade suits of armor, which provide improved HUD, vital management, hotkeying, energy management for special systems, and maybe some other things.

Along with these major updates there will also be general improvements to user-friendlyness, some graphical improvement/additions, complete remapping of the controls, some minor bug fixes, tweaks, and various other things.

Also looking for some ideas about a looting system. Various scraps, and weapon parts, that can be crafted into weapons/weapon upgrades. Need a decent idea on how to acquire such items.
Maybe it would be a good idea to take out the gun merchant and instead have certain turfs/objects you could check for loot. Upgrade components could be gained from these lootable objects, zombies (low rate), and I was thinking of being able to dismantle a gun for components as well.

The whole gun dealer thing takes away from the game in my opinion. You get your basic handgun and go kill things until you get enough to buy a new one, and end up tossing the handgun forever. If guns were rare-ish random drops then you would use/upgrade the guns you have and "grow" with it instead of thoughtlessly discarding them.

I can't really help with the crafting/upgrading system though, sorry.
In response to Siarc
Nice, new updates. ^^

All ideas sound pretty good, especially one with factions. This would add some atmosphere. +1.
the Territories system could work real well if you incorporated wood and metal into make a building then you would have to supplied your own food if you want a team to defend it. i don't know if the shops could work you need something to sell like trophies or something like that
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I may add a system where you can buy shopkeepers for your territory, and then you get like 50% of the profits from anyone who shops there.
I'd also like to do something to make shops much more useful/necessary, though I'm not sure what.
This is what game needs!
Possibly a trading system?
Or a so to say "Gas bomb" Kind of like smoke, but spreads (Has a limit of how far) and due to that area, when shot, Lights up igniting the zombies.
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I planned on adding oil barrels and propane tanks/lines
In response to Falacy
:D That works too.
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That'd be epic, however you would have to suplly the shop, correct?
good ideas