Paradise City

by Falacy
Welcome, to the last city on Earth.
Well, I only really play the game occasionally and late at night, but something I've only just realized is that collecting Apples from trees is not only possible; It gives the colony more food, and you a Val!

While it was kinda cool at first, I also realized that it's a game mechanic nearly never-used, whether by lack of knowledge, or indifference, as evidenced by the population of the colony always starving to death if it got over ten during any time I've played.

So, I thought that in order to make it a more viable game mechanic, a few things ought to be changed about it. These are just suggestions, so take it all with a grain of salt, but here's my ideas.

- The Val collected from Apples is really too low for the work. It ought to be increased, depending on how many apples you collect daily. For example: If you collect an apple, it's one Val. If you collect twenty apples in the same day, suddenly you start getting two Val per apple. Forty, three Val, Sixty, four Val. Etc., etc. This encourages people to collect a lot of apples, and ensure no food shortage occurs. It also gives people who might not have the firepower to mass-murder Zombies a means of income.

- Apple-collecting should have its own button, or go under the G button for 'Get'. As it is, right-clicking each apple to pick it up is a little too strenuous. To counteract how quick this would make apple-gathering, a very small delay should be added. Maybe take one second to gather an apple.

Thanks for the time taken to read this, and all that. I hope it's a bit of inspiration and all that, and hopefully that it'll stop any further mass starvation that's entirely avoidable. And with that, I'm off to get some sleep.