Paradise City

by Falacy
Welcome, to the last city on Earth.
i think paradise falls should have more guns and vehicles and they should be cheaper. for your squad u should hold as many as u want. and for the train swats you should be able to take 2. and i think that each squad thats form should have a hq but this should not only be for subscribers but for free people to
1. You mean Paradise city?
2. There's a suffient amount of weaponry, but players seem to use the same 3 weapons.
3. The car and rocketlauncher are valuable items, hence the price.
4. Having unlimited players in a squad would be hurendous (VAL cheating)
5. Check Commando, I think he can take 2 SWAT members.
6. The spawn area is a HQ.
7. Falacy has discontinued updating Paradise city, maybe if people bought Subscriber from it he would change his mind. :I