Monster Kingdom

by Falacy
MKO offers a Pokemon inspired adventure, set in a traditional fantasy world.
1. Items HUD seems broken. I have like twenty items and it tries to show them all lol.
2. In the updates it says you added a doorway in the basement corner. I looked in the basement and couldn't find it. Are you talking about the castle that has the healer and the shops?
3. Not sure if this is a bug or just not implimented, but we still can't sell items. :P I remember you saying you would add that. Just thought I'd bring it up.
Hey My name is Mahmoud1000 i played the game and i rly like the idea of it i hope when it finishes it will be better , and there will be a help book or something so i know how to get more monsters and get more gold and that stuff , and it will be better if u put a mission house and a reward for every mission :)) Send me a meesage when its done and Thanks alot
Version 9 update has a very buggy HUD system. Not sure why, but sometimes it gets stuck and it seems as if the game freezes. I have to shut it down. And when I do, the noises the game makes whenever I would have been doing things starts happening for a second.

Also, the major glitch I told you about through pager...
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<small>Ganing wrote:
Also, the major glitch I told you about through pager...</small>
What glitch?
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There is a way to get infinite money by selling.
wow this is an amazing game so far and the feel really makes you feel like your playing a Ds RPG game and the graphics are amazing
game looks great bro, keep up the good work!
it's awsome, but i dont know how to get anywhere except the town and the cave. can someone help?
I have to say that I like the game a lot and can see myself playing it often. I did't get very far atm but I can see the game getting better as I play more and more. I love how the dungeon keeps changing every time you go into it. Most of the suggestions have already been said but no game is ever fully finished, you could always add more and more unlike the Pokemon games which they only can add more every time they come out with a new game and more Pokemon.
I haven't read all of this, but the main thing that glared at me was the constant bouncing around of the combat screen. It jerks all over the place in every battle. I found this is a lot less severe when the screen is in windowed mode.

Everything else looks pretty good, and I'd like to see more. Especially more sprite choices for your main character.

50th comment FTW!! good luck falacy!
When you evolve Medusa, Medusa remains Medusa.

Also, I would like to say I love the game so far.
This instantly reminded me of RPG Maker XP, which I used to use a while back. Even the start screen is the same as the basic example. Is this game a tribute to the old program as well?

RPG Maker XP Example Screen RPG Maker XP Example Screen
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SgtGrim wrote:
When you evolve Medusa, Medusa remains Medusa.
Shouldn't, unless you just mean that the name stays the same?

Mightymo wrote:
Is this game a tribute to the old program as well?
Not really, but it does use RPG Maker graphics
Great so far you ust complete this
Maybe it's just Ratix is too strong? plus, some moves don't do anything.
Excelent game....

but i when you die you dont have to won exp.... and when you level up, revive LOL...

MP never end :O
I want to be able to delete my character o-o
Some bugs.

SleepPowder doesnt hit or works at all, also PoisonPowder has the same issue.

Double Slap atk, should hit twice the foe, it only hits once and its weaker than Pound.

After a monster evolves, it revives others dead monsters in the team.

I suggest a Character delete option or make selection of starter monster an option.

Supersonic atk needs a little higher rate to hit.

Add a lvl cap for monsters in the 1st cave.

Add a/some npc/s to battle, this gives more exp. but you can only fight them once daily or after a certain amount of time.

I might report more bugs as i get to find em.
dew evolution oceana is missing her bottom icon
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