BYOND Build Number: 412.977 (BYOND 4.0)
Operating System: Windows XP

Problem Description:
Please excuse my dumb question, but I have been looking both in the BYOND client, as well as on my account settings now, but I'm not able to find the option to "receive messages from anyone", as stated in the "BYOND Pager Help" (-> Help -> General... -> Friends Page : "Non-members are limited to paging only members who have opted to receive messages from anyone.").

I remember there was such an option (as checkbox, I belive), to BYOND members on the 3.x BYOND client.
I have set my pager to "Public" (-> File -> Preferences -> Pager Type), but that is obviously determining something different.

I'd be glad if someone could help me out with a hint as where to search.

Thank you in advance!
This is done on the website control panel. But for the life of me, I can't figure out where.
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Well, at least I'm not alone there!
Thanks Tiberath ;)

I searched every spot of my website control panel again, after your hint, yet failed to find anything remotely sounding like that would be the trigger I am searching for :(

Does anyone by chance know the little citter?
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Schnitzelnagler wrote:

Does anyone by chance know the little citter?

I don't want to annoy or anything, but is there really noone who knows where to set up this option, or if it has been removed? *looks astonished*