BYOND Build Number:4.24
Operating System:Windows 98/XP
Video/Graphics Card:
Game Hub/Link:
Internet Connection Type:
Firewalls/Routers:Windows Live OneCare(firewall)/DSL(router)

Problem Description:

I havent been on a BYOND game in a month

It started when my BYOND logs out on when I ever click on a BYOND game hub and then I had to log back in for it to work, but that eventually stop so thats not the problem, cause now everytime I click on a BYOND game, the options and messages screen will just show up in a bunch of square, and 5 seconds later, it just would all just go blank white

Heres a picture to show you what im talking about:
due to this new crappy paint program, I cant show you another picture to show you what it also appears like, but pretty much every options and messages appears like that

Steps to Reproduce Problem:
I updated my BYOND twice, I reinstalled BYOND, I uninstalled and reinstalled BYOND, I turned off my firewall and played it

none of them worked
Greetings Bmoney12.

This has been reported before and has a temp fix.

Please report back if this helped or not since i need more confirmation on it.

Thanks You.
In response to A.T.H.K
omg it worked, thanks! I guess my cache was clogged up
In response to Coolman1250
Greetings Coolman1250.

Thank you for confirming that this method works.

Thank You.