There is a bug where BYOND will freeze and reproduce a "Not Responding" error message,
Now we have a temp fix please note that this might not work for everybody.

If you are experiencing this problem please try these steps:

Step One: Uninstall BYOND

Step Two: Delete the two BYOND folders the uninstaller leaves behind

Now step two is kind of difficult since i don't know where you installed BYOND or the username you are using on your OS.

BYOND folder location one - C:\program files\BYOND - delete me.

BYOND folder location two - C:\Documents and Settings\{YOUR USER ACCOUNT HERE}\Application Data\BYOND - delete me

BYOND folder location three - C:\Documents and Settings\{YOUR USER ACCOUNT HERE}\My Documents or just My Documents in the start menu if it is there - delete me

Your user account has nothing to do with BYOND it is the name of the account you are using on your computer.
Since this is fundamentally a cache issue, I would actually save that method for a last resort, and try this first:

  • Open the BYOND pager and go to the File | Preferences... menu item.
  • Go to the Games tab.
  • Click the button that says "Clear Cache".

    This is most likely to fix the problem. If it fails, this process can be done manually and is likely to help:
  • Open the BYOND pager and go to the File | Preferences... menu item.
  • Go to the Advanced tab, and look at the last item. This is the location of your user data folder.
  • Open the user data folder.
  • In this folder you will see several folders like cfg, cache, MyHub, etc. Delete the cache folder.

    If that also fails to resolve the issue, go back to the user data folder. Make a copy of everything there. Then empty the folder completely, and start BYOND again. If the problem is now resolved, you can restore the files you just copied back to where they belong, a little bit at a time. If one of the files causes the problem to recur, you now know which one it is and you can simply delete it again.

    Lummox JR
In response to Lummox JR
Great to hear there is now a clear cache button in the Pager. I'll update our reply templates to have these steps in them. I'll also update the BYOND Help article on clearing cache.