BYOND Build Number: 431.1006
Operating System: Windows Vista Business
Video/Graphics Card: Nvidia Gforce Go 7600
Game Hub/Link: All
Internet Connection Type: High Speed i suppose...
Firewalls/Routers: Built in firewall (Already set to accept byond) Same with the TP-Link router.

Problem Description: I'm currently on my laptop since my base computer had issues, and my base is basically the same thing as my laptop with internet connection, exact same. This started up about a year ago on my laptop byond just quit working on it and I'm not sure why.

When I try to connect to a game on the laptop the blue square comes up, says connecting...etc when it gets to the Connecting to world, it split seconds and says Connection Failed, thus the source of my problem, any help would be appriciated.
How are you trying to connect and can you log on the pager?
In response to Schnitzelnagler
Via laptop, on the same router my base computer is connecting too, wirelessly it's all their, and yes I can connect to the pager just fine...
Well I tried updating to the recently added byond and now it works, so I guess I wont be needing more help. Thanks anyways Shnigglbisket ;P