Well, this happens when I try to join one game. It constantly says connection failed, but when I ask one of my friends to try logging in, they get into the server without any problem.

Game: Bleach Las Noches

I don't think I'm banned cause I eventually get into the server after several attempts.

This is the message I get:
Welcome BYOND! (4.0 Public Version 454.1036)
Logging in...connected
Logged in as Child Prodigy.
Connecting to byond://
Connection died.
Connection failed.

I tried reinstalling BYOND on my computer, restarting, and clearing the cache but nothing works.

Edit: All my keys have this problem and I'm not the only person experiencing this problem.
Greetings Child Prodigy.

You haven't provided enough information/ignored the forum template and as a result of this, we are unable to help you. In order to be of any real assistance, we need to know as much detailed information about your computer as possible.
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Once you are sure you have enough information, please reply to this post with all the information you can. From there, we'll see if we'll be able to help you solve your problem.

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