BYOND Build Number:462.1056
Operating System:Windows XP
Video/Graphics Card:Intergrated ATI Radeon Xpress 200 seires
Game Hub/Link:Various
Internet Connection Type:DSL
Firewalls/Routers:ClearAccess AG10W-NA2 (Provider: Reliance Connects)

Problem Description:
My problem is with Hosting. Yes before you ask, I used, Contacted the company, and tested this out on other applications so I know the error is localized. Here is the problem.

I portforwarded my router so host programs. It been working except for Byond. This problem seems to be I can host other games and other servers. Though when I try using the same ports for Byond, or custom ports for the system. It comes out with nothing. I also have tried this with only byond running on my system with all firewalls shut off. The thing I don't get is this worked before with my last provider and I didn't change anything between then and when I moved to this one, So what is going on if I'm being told everything is correct.

Just want some input if anyone else has had this problem with this company, or if I'm not doing something right. Well I will thank you for the input. Thank you all that answer this.

Which other (non BYOND games) have you hosted (and do they rely on TCP or UDP)? Which port(s) did you try to host on and did you ensure that BYOND attempted to host on these specific ports? Which BYOND game did you try to host and how exactly did you realize that something doesn't work?
Since you say that this worked before, what did you change on your computer/router around the time it ceased to function?