yo i ben hearing that shell severs are good for hosting games.why is that? how does it work? were do i get one? how do i use it?
I'm not sure where to start, since this is as Goethe would say a 'broad topic'. Having a dedicated hosting solution usually provides better performance than a personal computer because the set-up is different. Not only does the dedicated hosting solution usually provide a better network and connectivity, but was designed to run 24/7 without issues.

How it works depends on the solution you're looking for.

Where you get one, well...

(...)a little 'most commonly found around BYOND' list, including names of people that either use or run that service, for means of contact.

Offers providing a VPS/Slice, meaning that you have (virtually) full control over your server, but have to set up and handle everything by yourself:

Offers that specify on hosting BYOND games and are relatively easy to handle for somebody with little knowledge:

As for how you're using it, well, that is entirely up to you and the TOS/AUP of your provider.