i wrote a handy autohotkey script today. in your HTML editor of choice (notepad, personally) the hotkey finds the last corresponding open tag, and if its unclosed it types out the closing tag for it.

for example:

hitting the hotkey with the cursor at the end of that chunk of HTML will type in the closing head tag, pressing it again will type the closing html tag. the purpose isn't really to close tags that would otherwise be unclosed, its just handy for saving me the hassle of typing out each closing tag hundreds of times. as long as its closing my tags, it might as well do it smartly.

also, since i do prefer notepad, the script automatically indents (somewhat) intelligently when you press enter. kind of like how DM keeps you at the same indentation when you press enter. except since its designed for javascript it recognizes curly braces and indents accordingly.

i don't have the script handy, at least not right now.
I made something like that in TextMate.
I recently made a sweet script for AutiIt that would go through and set up people for extensions in my jobs tax software. It saved me about ~4 hours of clicking the same thing. And by 4 hours, I mean it would have taken me all the time it took plus 4 more hours to get it done. Having a program to click the right spots was so efficient compared to a human that the time it took the computer was less than 1/2 of a humans.

I have never actually messed with AutoHotKey, but it sounds like it is similar.
hm hm, AutoHotkey supports hotstrings? I may switch to it, then. As far as I know, AutoIt doesn't.