yo byonds gangsta in teh house an di got a Q that needs an A

my objective: make a avatar game
i need to figure out how do i run teh source
how do i save recent codes and apply it to the game
how do i put up teh game
(ima member btw)
and how do i put new icons on the mapping part of dream maker

i knwo yah are geniuses so helpz meh out

byonds gangsta out :P
Dear Rod5,
as you have been told once already...

If you intend to create a game, the first step should be to start here, since this is going to provide you with material to learn the basics of programming (in BYOND).
Try to have a look at the DM guide (and reference), since these will enlighten you past any tutorial you're working on. But don't 'rush through'(browse), like with a comic.
Sometimes you will think that you already know something, when you do not yet know all of the functionality.
Or, you think that something is 'too basic/of no use' for you, but every advanced bit of code is actually built out of these basic (tiresome) parts.

If you still did not manage, your next step would be to use the forum search (of the right forum, in this case Developers), since it is likely that your problem has been discussed before already and there are various replies.

Whenever you are struggling, a developer should use the Developer forum to seek assistance from like-minded community members.

Should you intend to insist to spam this forum with topics that clearly do not belong here and are hardly decipherable due to bad English, your privileges on this forum will have to be restricted.

Thank you in advance.