hey, some guy on my friends list forward on my pager I might get my account terminated for inactiveness

I dont think its fair because I payed for my membership, and im always active on this site

heres the pager:
First and foremost, if you look at what was sent, it is full of errors. BYOND would make sure that anything that was at all official would look it and read it, not let it degrade to the point where it looks like a five-year-old wrote it. Second, BYOND doesn't delete accounts for inactivity. Accounts remain on BYOND until they are either deleted/requested to be deleted by the user or they delete it due to ToS/EULA Violations. So, please, do not believe it or forward it to others. It is just someone deciding to troll a successful online gaming community with false information.


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In addition, if BYOND were to do this (not saying that they will/are), I'm quite sure that they will have a link on the news page requiring you to click a link to check if you were activated. Why rely on a really unreliable method? I'm sure there's a few loners out there with no friends on their pager...

Remember, most chain mails/messages are just garbage.
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I get that message all the time, i just ignore it or block the person who keeps sending it to me.The last thing BYOND needs is chain letters.