I has an inquiry about the hub and usage of names. I have a game placed on the hub and it been going for almost a year now. Then today I got a number of people reporting to me the game had been stolen as there was two listing for the game under the same name.

More so I wanted to know the policy of this on the site being I never encountered it before? Just wondering is all.

For reference the top link here is for my hub location.

And this link it to the reported one.

Thanks for those who reply, just don't know how to respond to the people sending me messages on the pager about this.
It is up to each developer to enforce copyright on their intellectual property and trademarks as that is regulated through jurisdiction. The again, in a case like this with a really ambiguous name, I doubt you'd manage to win a case.

You might want to notify the developer of that game though and if that doesn't help, you could raise awareness with BYOND's community.
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Thank you, I was wondering more of course of action then anything. I will try to contact the developer then.