BYOND Build Number:479.1086
Operating System:Windows Vista Home Premium
Video/Graphics Card:
Game Hub/Link:Bleach Las Noches
Internet Connection Type:Fios Wireless Router
Firewalls/Routers: Firewall:I have it turned off at the moment, so no. Router is not the issue.

Problem Description: So my problem was my laptop was pretty screwed up and I was told save everything and restore it to factory settings, so I did this. Byond was working fine before and my computer is working great now. The only issue is whenever I have a byond game open after 5 min of being on it my laptop will randomly restart itself. If byond is not open then I can have it on for hours without it restarting. It's just when I have a byond game open. I have only tried having two games up, Bleach Las Noches and Naruto Final Flames. I'm not sure if it is an issue with all games but I'm guessing it is if these both have caused the computer to restart.

Steps to Reproduce Problem:
Continuously trying to stay on byond for a longer period of time but still having the same issue. I have tried turning off firewall to see if that was the issue it was not.
It is possible for BYOND to restart your computer using shell commands, however you would be given a prompt that BYOND was trying to execute that command, and would be given the option to decline.

When your computer restarts, does it simply go black and boot up? or does it run the shutting down commands? Are you given a blue screen? This information is very helpful in resolving your issue.
In response to Mikau
I've fixed this issue before and it has recently showed up again when I restored my comp to an earlier point. It goes to the load up screen then asks me if I would like to run the comp normally or in safe mode.