BYOND Build Number:
Operating System:Windows XP Pro 64 bit
Video/Graphics Card:Intel
Game Hub/Link:All games
Internet Connection Type:

Problem Description:Every time I attempt to open a BYOND game, it tells me BYOND Central is not accessible

Steps to Reproduce Problem:Attempting to play a BYOND game
Either a firewall is interfering with the BYOND apps on your system, or you don't have a connection to the hub.

First, make sure your firewall is configured to allow all BYOND apps to accept incoming and outgoing TCP traffic. If the firewall does a hash check to look for changes to the program, turn that off.

If problems persist, go to a command prompt (go to Start | Run and type "cmd") and type "tracert". The tracert utility should tell you if you have a connection to the hub or not. If you don't, the problem is probably with your ISP or upstream from them.