BYOND Build Number:493
Operating System:Windows XP 2002
Video/Graphics Card:NVidia
Game Hub/Link:
Internet Connection Type:LAN
Firewalls/Routers:Windows Built In Firewall/Linksys WRT120N

Problem Description:Well, I followed the stuff on and portforwarded my ports. But, when i host a game, it says that the port is open and others can join and tried to join from Open Location... it just displays Connecting to byond:// number)......
and the resource wont download. When i asked my friend to do it, it just displays the same thing as that. I even tried on diffrent and simpler game but it just wont work.

Steps to Reproduce Problem:
1. Start Dream Daemon
2. Host the game
3. Copy the link
4. Click Open Location... on File and ctrl+v
Something is obviously stopping anyone from joining.

Turn off firewalls and check your anti-virus as some of them come with firewalls, if this fixes the problem turn the firewall back on and allow BYOND as an exception.
In response to A.T.H.K
Wont work, tried what you said but it wont work