BYOND Build Number:493
Operating System:Windows XP 2002
Video/Graphics Card:NVidia
Game Hub/Link:
Internet Connection Type:LAN
Firewalls/Routers:Windows Built In Firewall/Linksys WRT120N

Problem Description:Well, I followed the stuff on and portforwarded my ports. But, when i host a game, it says that the port is open and others can join and tried to join from Open Location... it just displays Connecting to byond:// number)......
and the resource wont download. When i asked my friend to do it, it just displays the same thing as that. I even tried on diffrent and simpler game but it just wont work.

Steps to Reproduce Problem:
1. Start Dream Daemon
2. Host the game
3. Copy the link
4. Click Open Location... on File and ctrl+v
Something is obviously stopping anyone from joining.

Turn off firewalls and check your anti-virus as some of them come with firewalls, if this fixes the problem turn the firewall back on and allow BYOND as an exception.
In response to A.T.H.K (#1)
Wont work, tried what you said but it wont work