BYOND Build Number: 493.1117
Operating System: Windows XP
Video/Graphics Card: ATI HD 6800 series
Game Hub/Link: all
Internet Connection Type: Wireless broadband
Dlink ADSL2+ G604T

Problem Description:
I start up a server and this comes up:
World opened on network port 25565.
BYOND hub reports port 25565 can be reached by players.

But when I attempt to join it from the site, it creates "byond:// failed". I've allowed dream seeker, daemon and the BYOND client through my firewall and I have port forwarded properly. What is causing this?

Steps to Reproduce Problem:
1. "download" button on site
2. click "host server"
3. click "start" on dream daemon
4. refresh the hub page
5. join server
6. ... not so great profit
Normally you can not connect to your own IP ...

try opening BYOND join via byond://