BYOND Build Number: 493.1117
Operating System: Windows 7
Video/Graphics Card:
ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics
Game Hub/Link: Any
Internet Connection Type:
Cable (2MB)
Windows Firewall

Problem Description:
First of all, I'd like to make it clear that this problem hasn't always occured. I could originally join any game without problem. This only began a few months ago, but I thought it'd simply clear up like any other problems.
Sure, I've had problems before with BYOND, but nothing as annoying and utterly confusing as this.

Now onto the problem, the most annoying thing about it is that it's seemingly unpredictable, and appears only to let me into games based on if it feels like letting me play what I want. It actually closes out on it's own at the "Connecting" screen, as if it has a mind of it's own. If it ever gets beyond that, it will play with no problems.
In example, I have three games I've tried to play in the last week. I'll list what each one does:
War Games - I can seemingly always get into a server without issue.
Ikou Era Classic - The bug happens off and on. Sometimes I have to try joinin multiple times.
Naruto: Evolution - I haven't been able to enter once. I mean I sat here for an hour repeatedly trying to join, it still didn't work.

This seems to not be restricted to entire games; when this first started I played SS13 a lot, and it seemed almost as if it was just a few bad servers that were troubling me. However it usually affects me regardless. It will let me into some games without any issue, and other times I spend hours trying to join it.

I have tried EVERYTHING I could find in the help forums and that basic maintenance skills have taught me. I've tried clearing the cache, renaming cfg, uninstalling and reinstalling, messing with preferences, anything I could think of. The only thing that seems to prove fruitful at all is to simply be patient with games I've been able to access before. Some games will always load without issues, some I have to keep trying to join until it finally gets by "Connecting", and other times it will NEVER work.

The only thing I can deduce is that during the "Connecting" process, something is closing it out. It likely isn't my security software as I've tried to play games with all of my security software closed, just to test it, and it still didn't work.

When it DOES get by connecting, it will work; it will download anything it needs and let me into the game. But if this is a connection problem, I don't understand why I can always get into some games and never into others.

Oh, and sometimes it just hangs at "Connecting" and does nothing, and I have to manually close it.

Steps to Reproduce Problem:
1. Go to either a game on the website, on the pager, or get the IP of a server.
2. Attempt to join the game using any of the three methods above.
3. Dream Seeker will get by "Launching" but it might kill itself some time during connection.
4. Repeating Steps 1 and 2 SOMETIMES lets you in, if you're patient
it happend to me to can some one HELP US PLZZZZZZZZZZ
Hi Loran,

This sounds to me like this is a problem with the severs that you are trying to connect to, not an issue with the BYOND software.

When the BYOND splash screen (loading screen) just closes out of itself, that is the equivalent to the "Connection failed" message.

This appears random to you, but it is actually dependent on who is hosting the server, and if they have the ports they are hosting on open correctly. If the ports are not correctly opened, then you (and everyone else) are not able to connect. This is why some well reputable games always can be connected to, because they have very reliable servers.

I will say however, that BYOND may be partially at fault for this, because of a known bug that causes servers that are unable to be joined, appear on the hub.

Sorry, hope you understand.