Ever needed a quick way to get your turf icons to tile well? I wrote up one way to draw a rock wall seamless tile here.
Hope ya like it
Lemme know if you spot any typos, confusing parts, or broken links.
Very useful, I think I got the placement down pretty well before, but this really helps with the shading of certain turfs!

Now, only if there was a Platformer/Side scroller turf tutorial...

I'm depressed. =(
I have no talent with this stuff.
Why must you taunt me!?
Very nice cheers :D
Typo - "SInce we've decided our light source is from the above and right of the rocks and that our rocks are somewhat round"
This is great. Thanks for sharing.
Fantastic article, TMDI! It taught me how not to do the one thing I always do to screw this up: I always start from the inside out. No wonder I have so many problems!

Plus, I like that you separated out the fact that you're using the 2nd darkest color for antialiasing and for shadows. It's a subtlety that I think I've missed on more than one occasion.
will you bear my children plx
Wow TMDI, great tutorial, yet again. I think you should keep making these, they are helping a lot of people. Good work.
I'm glad everyone liked it!

@Keeth: I know everyone always equates art with talent (even teachers, sadly). BS. If you have two working eyeballs, you're most of the way there. Practice is the sucky part.

@Abhishake: That does seem like a wierd phrase. Will change, and thanks!

@LJR: There are some really great tutorials on st0vens site and mark's site. It's a very strange technique which isn't really intuitive. I still struggle with it constantly.

@Xeallllll: Our love must forever be forbidden.

@Evi: Thanks! Would you throw up another challenge? I'm having a hard time coming up with a good idea for one.
Very nice job. I've never been real good with seamless stuff but I like those ideas. Nicely done :P
Or you could just use dream maker's arrows and press up and to the left one time each when you're done..then edit them accordingly to that so they line up easier. That's the way I do mine and they come out very good.
My results from this technique are now posted at Dungeon Crawlers. I also varied the rock colors between medium, light, and dark, using a range of 6 colors instead of 4.