Poll: What would you like to see next?

Option1: Combat Improvements 33% (7)
Option2: Economic Improvements 47% (10)
Option3: Cold War Improvements 19% (4)

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Edit: Bolded text has been added into the game.

Ok so here is a quick poll to see what you'd like to see next in Wargames, here is a breakdown of my intentions for each option:

Option1: Combat Improvements

1) More combat modifiers, and then display of modifiers while in combat
2) Some kind of graphical combat display
3) More varied icons for combat in the output box
4) 'Beachhead' Scenarios to initiate breakthroughs into a country before regular combat continues

Option2: Economic Improvements

1) Replace the Trade system with an easier to use one
2) Reallow the sale and purchase of factory produced units (Tanks, Artillery, Aircraft, Ships)
3) Budgets for nations, have an identified cost for services such as healthcare and education which can be altered
4) A dependency to trade or suffer cons from isolationism
5) Possibly new resource(s)

Option3: Cold War Improvements

1) Introduce 'Set Nations' feature to Cold War gametype with Cold War era presets for nations
2) Introduce a way of defecting between sides
3) Introduce a new 'DEFCON' system unique to the Cold War gametype
4) Improve the current Space Race system for more features
Option2: Economic Improvements

Combat improvements...the game(as you said) is almost an economic sim as it is. And I've never even played Cold War game type lol
In my opinion more Economic improvements would be the better choice out of the three. I will type some up and send to ya.
In response to Tetsuya
Tetsuya wrote:
In my opinion more Economic improvements would be the better choice out of the three. I will type some up and send to ya.

Yesh c:
Seems like some people are voting that havent even played the game ==..==

Edit: Or haven't played it in years...
Looks like the second option has preference followed by the first.

I'm looking into updating the trade system for tonight's round, might get budgeting in too. I have also been working on combat related stuff, and I've made kill ratios much more natural and lower, as well as implementing better systems to test balancing of units quicker. Notification of modifiers is probably next, perhaps the beachhead feature too.
I've updated the original post with bold text for features that have been implemented. Now I know that I promised trade stuff as it got the most votes but right now I'm still making plans on how to do it right. It is on my list though.
i for one pick option 3... it sounds fun