Unfortunately, we don't have the manpower (or legal jurisdiction, in some cases) to deal with issues between users.

BYOND staff merely provide the tools to create and play games, and a website to display them on; the games themselves are created and run by users, for users. As such, we don't have any control over their content or management.

If someone is spamming you on your pager, you can ban him by clicking on the pager "Ban" button and adding him to the list. If he is spamming in a game, contact the game's host and see if they can boot the offender. In future versions of BYOND we will implement controls to make this easier for the host.

If a host is being unfair to you, your best bet is to boycott them.
How is it that people figure that they should be reporting it here whenever someone bans them from a game?
Please read the article BEFORE posting here. It clearly states that it is not the BYOND Staff's job to police games. Please don't post any requests or problem you have in games here.
Sasukeato, if you have a problem with a specific server, this isn't the place to talk about it. There are probably forums for the game you are playing, and that would be a far better place. The BYOND Staff has no interest in game affairs, and as such will do nothing about an unfair ban.
Ninja: When people host things, it's on their own computers. They do have every right to say who can and who can't go on their computers and the BYOND Staff has absolutely no right say otherwise. If you have a problem with being banned, try taking it up with the host, game creator, or just find another game/server.
Regissamson has joined our game bleachlife run by Azone (these are keys) and when we try to bann him it will not work we are banning him for spamming and etc. and his name is and it skips over all Gm commands please help this is from key: Jay1012 the host is not on at the moment and it is impossible to boot him.
Interesting. Sounds like an exploit involving strange characters. Chances are, however, that this is a problem with the programming. As I understand it the key and ckey system is pretty protected from these types of attacks. So it is likely that he is exploiting poor programming.