This is a copy of what I posted on the Lost Realm Guild Hall for those who watch this page only:

Though I am loathe to admit it, I may need a little help on Dream Forge. The scale of DF is such that I cannot (and I never did) plan to finish it on my own, but I didn't want to go so far as asking people to outright manage different areas of the engine's development (discounting area construction).

I don't mean to make it sound more ambitious than it is, but the idea behind DF was to make something a little different and maybe push BYOND's limits a bit. I'm not asking people to devote a lot of time because I can't guarantee that time will be rewarded with a finished project, but if anyone's got an avid interest in the project or a little talent they'd like to share, we'd be glad to have an extra hand and mind.

The guild forum here is rarely used; the official forum can be found here: and you can probably find my MSN and other means of contact if you dig around there. The new help thread can be found here:

I'm not looking for people to offer icons in exchange for GM or player houses or even game progress, I want to find people who might be interested in the game world itself and contribute because they enjoy the game--these are the people that make me want to finish.