Though I am loathe to admit it, I may need a little help on Dream Forge. The scale of DF is such that I cannot (and I never did) plan to finish it on my own, but I didn't want to go so far as asking people to outright manage different areas of the engine's development (discounting area construction).

I don't mean to make it sound more ambitious than it is, but the idea behind DF was to make something a little different and maybe push BYOND's limits a bit. I'm not asking people to devote a lot of time because I can't guarantee that time will be rewarded with a finished project, but if anyone's got an avid interest in the project or a little talent they'd like to share, we'd be glad to have an extra hand and mind.

The guild forum here is rarely used; the official forum can be found here: and you can probably find my MSN and other means of contact if you dig around there. The new help thread can be found here:

I'm not looking for people to offer icons in exchange for GM or player houses or even game progress, I want to find people who might be interested in the game world itself and contribute because they enjoy the game--these are the people that make me want to finish.
I've been interested in Dream Forge for a while, I'm mostly quiet about my interests however. From what I've seen it looks pretty good, and it's something I'd be interested in playing, and even use for hosting great role playing sessions for the Roleplayers Guild. If you need any help, even if it just be moral support, you have my thumbs up.