Space Station 13

by Exadv1
Space Station 13
Stay alive inside Space Station 13
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Hey i have been banned from both gibbed 4 and gibbed 3 and i really don't know why and I would like to be unbanned if posable
Good luck trying to get unbanned. Apparently you need to do a few "things" to make the admins to "want" to unban you, till then you're probably staying permabanned. But I suggest you go try it out at their forums, worth a shot.
Hey I Just Got Banned From gibbed 3 and 4 i would like to ask to be unbanned please i didnt know hitting someone as a cyborg was so bad.
I Will do Anything The Admins Ask if you Unban Me.
In response to Thesavedone777
May the gods have mercy on your soul.
write goku on your butt
In response to Spacemarine9
Spacemarine9 wrote:
write goku on your butt

I was banned for a good reson but it was a perement ban witch was a little unfair it was for flooding the station with toxions and that was back in 2010 i think and i would like to be unbaned cuz i will not do that again promise

oh yeah i forgot this was on gibbed 3
You will not, and can not get an unban by crying here.
Take it to their own forums.
thanks for bumping a year old useless thread, great job good work everyone we did it
i have been baned and i dont know why can you let me play on your sever agen becuse im baned on both
In response to Jingoping
Jingoping wrote:
i have been baned and i dont know why can you let me play on your sever agen becuse im baned on both

Frankly, nobody here gives a flying fuck, go to THEIR forums and ask there.
what are their forums
You gotta pay 25$ to use their forum.
what do i do when i get on there forum
go to the ban appeals board, look at the thread at the top that says "Ban Appeal Template", follow the instructions in that thread

In response to Blackopsman9999
Blackopsman9999 wrote:
You gotta pay 25$ to use their forum.

I'm going to be very blunt here, if you don't know something, and have facts to back it up, don't post it.
not that anyone here cares but Jingo managed to completely ignore the instructions and posted a single three word sentence for his appeal. i felt like sharing this because i thought it was very funny, and i hope you find it very funny too. welp cya
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