Mitadake High

by Devourer Of Souls
Mitadake High
Anime, horror, survival, mystery, murder, intrigue! All rolled into one little school. Ain't it fun?
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Me and my friends have been fans of MH for quite a bit now since around early 2010, although we have begun to grown bored due to a lack of updates to the game. Because of this there have been less servers and players. Then we found Pryce High and gave it a try hearing that there is a new owner coding the game.

It is quite a buggy pos in many areas. In the modes we've seen things such as walking through walls, not being able to attack others, knocking others out over and over so they cannot get up, and the list goes on.

The current administrator team is absolutely awful, and I hate the idea of some backdoor pricks governing my server. They have this know it all attitude and are naturally arrogant. Don't even get me started on Kyo.

Me and my friends would request to have the source code of MH as we may host it ourselves and hopefully improve upon it.
play Pynce high
I have no intention to give out the source, sorry.
this got a laugh out of me

its like asking me for nwd's or rpr's source, not gonna happen..
Lonwol, just so you're aware, Kyo is not part of the administration team for Mitadake High. She's an admin for Pyrce High, a game based heavily on the aspects of Mitadake High, presumably coded from scratch by Braska.

Also, I find it odd, calling a game a piece of shit while asking for the source code. I donno, maybe it's just me, but I'd find that insulting.
i think lon meant the pyrce high code not mh's
or pryce
whatever the fuck it's called
The moderating team of Pyrce High is meant to enforce the rules of the server they're on, so any action taken by us should be because someone broke your rules.
Please do not cause DevourerOfSouls problems from being banned from my game, it's your fault you were banned(Do believe you forgot to mention this is why you're raging), and nobody can "Walk through walls" and you can't get KOed over and over, I based getting knocked out and waking back up completely the same as MH.

And just to clarify, DevourerOfSouls didn't give me the source to MH.
Hi! I would like to point out a few things.
1. If you have any bugs to report, please say so on the forums as the owner is successfully eliminating any of the current bugs.
2. No one on our staff has the intention of putting our subjective opinions down your throat. As long as you do not have the intention of going against our original rules (specifically cybering), we don't give two shits about your server rules, and will only apply YOUR specific rules when hosting.
3. No one here will tolerate your banning all of our GMs&Admins from your game. It's completely disrespectful to the people working on the game for the likes of you to host, and you can expect a code ban if you don't stop acting as you are now.
4. If you have a complaint about PH, keep this to the appropriate forum.

Thank you!

(P.S. One thing I would like to say is that the UPDATED version of this game is on the forums, and not byond. this is due to the bandwidth limit BYOND has.)
I hate both of you from past experiences. Not from being banned from your game, I wasn't even aware of this as I've been hosting since early today.

Don't make up bs reasons for why I posted.
And that is your own opinion! But in the real world, people have to learn to cope with people they dislike on a daily basis, including us. On this game. All the time. If we can get over it, then you certainly can too! If not, that's a shame, enjoy your life, and stop with your pointless disruption. ^_^
don't lie lon you were so raging cajun i could feel the heat up here in canada!!!!!!! masterbraska is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In response to Kyogirl4lyfe
I do not like you personally and I do not want you on my server.

And because of this I am banned from my own server.
I'm sorry, but is there something wrong with you? Not only have you posted inaccurate information on what I have done that upset you, you are still complaining about being banned? I told you that as long as you keep our GMs/admins unbanned, you can have your server back. I am going to stop posting on this particular forum, considering it's pretty off-topic. If you have any complaints, please post so elsewhere.
I unbanned them.

Then you want me to apologize.

I did.

Then MasterBraska is telling me to start respecting him.

And then he calls me high and mighty.

No I'm not going to suck you off.

Sorry, but please take this to the correct forums, since this apparently isn't an issue with Mitadake.