I haven't been following any threads since the new site changes took place so I'm not in-tune with everything that's been going on.

I was toying around with the idea of uploading a fair number of my examples/demos but upon reviewing the membership features, it looks like I would have to actually renew my membership fees to freely share stuff with others via the hub. I don't see myself renewing just to share stuff at this point.

Am I reading into that correctly or will I be able to upload examples/libraries when my membership runs out?

You need a membership to make a hub entry.

You can post examples in the tutorials and snippets forum. You could probably host the libraries somewhere else besides BYOND and just link to them from that same forum.
We'll probably be changing this, largely because I want people using the hub forums and having them pay-per only is contrary to that goal (since everyone is just posting about their games in the community section).
At the very least, you could make Demo/Library hubs free, and just not show "live" worlds there so people don't attempt to use that hub to showcase their games.
Yes, a restriction on the live listings is something I'm considering.