A few years ago i played Byond. Now its different since im coming back new. I miss the old games the best games were always anime! And to me the best ones were Naruto ultimate revised and Bleach Vaizards return. Someone should most definatly make a new Naruto or bleach game... Dragon universe is getting old!!! *Signed'Rose :) Taha
Try Naruto GOA. It's decent.
Rise of the Pirates has some One Piece flair to it.
I know what you mean I have some games saved to my pager that are still really fun like a lot of bleach games but now I cant search for them and i'm trying to find a way how and its really annoying. I have a few saved to my pager but when I look on byond all I can find are like 7 games.
I remember back in the day when there was DWO and Spar. I miss killing Hate with my Special Beam Cannon. I never really got into any Naruto or Bleach games though.