by Yut Put
Explore epic dungeons and slay epic foes with your friends in a huge, epic fantasy action RPG world.

Watch the video demonstration of Epic! My first VO on a game... how'd i do? haha, in this video i demonstrate and explain many of the game-play mechanics in Epic.

i know the music is a little louder than my voice, but you can still hear me well enough to understand what i'm saying.. most of the time xP

regardless, the music is nice to listen to and i hope you enjoy watching this video! If you're interested in the game, download it at


and if the game doesn't run, make sure you have the latest version byond beta! (apologies for the inconvenience!)


What's up with the privacy settings?
Damn, did that stop it from showing? My bad. I'll use youtube whenever
Yup i cant view it :(
there :D
Looks fun. To bad I'm unwilling to download that beta. =p
its cool, it would be nice if the update was posted soon lol. maptext xP it makes the game run much faster though so its worth it

by the time 494 is released the game will hopefully have progressed even farther, allowing for a better first impression for most users anyway
lol Yut.. You died twice in the dungeon you nub.
3 times lol
I dig the music. I dig the sounds. However, the art is very amateur. Not in the sense that it isn't gorgeous so it automatically looks amateur, but the style and the aesthetic make it look unfinished.

The problems with the art are not a very big deal though; the game looks promising and very interesting to play.

[EDIT]: Since the dungeons in this look procedurally generated... Have you considered trying to generate zelda-like dungeons where you have to solve puzzles and find keys in addition to battling monsters in order to advance?
tl;dr edit: I'll make sure to take some time to make the game feel more cohesive and deliver game-play messages to the players in the best way possible
The dungeons aren't procedurally generated, and they are designed with a variety of puzzles involving electricity, keys, and machinery. At the end of each dungeon is a boss, and each dungeon contains a quest and in most cases crafting recipes. I can see where you thought that though, because the desert dungeon looks that way haha

The puzzles are getting a little repetetive at this point though, we could definitely set aside some time to think of new puzzles lol
The turf confuses me. More so in the beginning of the video, all I can make out is the floor and I'm assuming walls are brown. Other than that I have no idea what the other colored blocks are doing..
The walls have shadows and are noticeably shaded to appear elevated and the ground turfs are consistently brighter than the walls

also, all the dense objects have black outlines.

it may be easier to see if you're not viewing it in the blurry video or if you're playing the game, but nobody else has said that before
Oooh. well the purple is my replacement for the default black background. That's easier to understand if you play the game. And when two walls are on top of eachother, they don't cast shadows. Rossor does look funky if you look at it that way. The first area the player enters, however, is made to be very simple using mostly just mountains and grass and introduces the player to the game.

The other colored blocks are also walls, though. The area that is in is the third town the player visits, so at that point in the game the player is accustomed to the way the map presents information