Let me hear your feedback and anything you see wrong with the it at its current state but please remember this is a WORK IN PROGRESS

Text colour clashes with the background (Start wave and etc) makes it a tad hard to see.

Other than that

I like it!
ya I was looking at changing the text color thanks
I don't dig the palette. It does need shading, but this is WIP afterall.

Some of the text doesn't fit, like you decided to do the text by hand rather than with the font (The "GP" and "Lives")
Save your pixelart in .png for best quality :) As for the hub: It could really use of inside anyaliasing and more detailed shading. Decide what material should that hub be build from (metal, wood, glass, plastic etc.) and try to do it looks like it :) I dont like those black lines either, but i guess its a matter of liking.
im still worjking on it black lines make me mad lol i have already got rid of them but im doing this with a wood or stone thing