Icon Ultima

by Enigmaster2002
Icon Ultima
The only published game in its genre.
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The server box that was responsible for everything Tibbius, including the Icon Ultima server that ran 24/7, has come down with a case of gremlins and has failed in spectacular fashion. It is unlikely any of the old data will be recoverable (such as the posts on the forum there).

The shell server will be down until further notice, and I suppose this provided forum space will be sufficient enough for the purpose the old phpBB forum filled.
Fixed. I'll take my moneys now.
In response to Nadrew
Nadrew wrote:
Fixed. I'll take my moneys now.

You contacted support! You only got there 'cause I was in bed and passed by my computer for a drink of water. =(

Anyway, everything is safe and sound (oh thank you sweet merciful Windu!). But I am going to do a major database backup thing and set up an alternate Linode server as well.
Actually had to fix the timeservers and service inconsistencies that the issue caused too =P
I was told that Lee was told that the box was in mortal danger. I don't know enough about the underlying fanciness to discern that for myself so I just took his word for it.
I'm a pessimist. When my Linux gurus come to me and say "you need to talk to support", that's pretty much game over in of itself. Especially since Slicehost backups were off.

Either way, things worked out.