Eternal Fighters

by Eternal_Memories
Join various worlds in a battle between the evil and the good!
Recently I have had some ideas on how to proceed with the game. As first thought, I would want to see in it a new Game Mode; 'Free For All'.

I know it was already made and the idea failed, but what has come to my mind is, to let the user choose wether an Akatsuki or Leafie Ninja, and THEN be assigned to one of the Teams (not necessarily 2, but there could be a range from 2-4 Teams), everything randomnly accomplished, excluding the Character Selection process.

So, instead of Akatsuki/Sound vs Leaf/Sand, there would be a new mode; Red VS Blue, or Red VS Blue VS Yellow VS Green, or Red & Yellow VS Blue & Green, you get what I mean.
That is not as difficult to do as it seems and would take an entire update (.05 - Eternal understand what I mean with this.) Then, Healing techniques would replenish your health in this mode, sacrifyng the fact that it can Revive, so instead of Reviving people, Heal jutsus would act as they are meant to, at least in this mode.

Also, OHKO will not be possible and Team Killing would still respect the classic hierarchy. Other than that, the basics of fighting are the same and there would be no Character Restrictions, despite the ones you don't have access to normally, or those chars. that have been disabled by an Administrator.

Now, another idea that came to my mind, is to rework on the Unlocking System, and I'd rather do this one before adding the previous idea, so there will not be any need to touch the new mode's programming part to fit this Rework (If it is even accepted.)
I know you like the webhost text-file method, but there are a lot better possibilities for it to be accomplished in a way where neither you or me are needed to take part in. I still did not think about how to 'Re-Do' it, since I am just droping the arguement for you to either accept or deny it.

I think I've not much to say but good day for everyone.

Also, I will let you know that I am back, but I cannot get on the computer as much as I used to, personal stuff plus I did go back to studies.

ByeBye, Fushi.
The Game was not designed to allow these kind of modes.
I wish it would have been, but it was not.

I already tried once to create FFA Mode (which was made in another source version), and the idea failed because the people didn't want to play it, it was a mess, basically.

And well, Red Vs Blue idea is cool, but as I said the game was not designed to support these kind of modes, it would require an entire change on all the jutsus.

Now the ideas related to change the unlocking characters system, I'm still confused, people always want to have all the characters, and restricting them would be bad to them, but we could discuss this and get some players' ideas before changing anything.

P.D: Por favor si haces algún cambio en los jutsus que tengan que ver con esas ideas, hazlo en otro .dm para estar seguro de que no se pierde lo anterior, así se podrá testear y todo eso, gracias :)

Si eso hago una copia de seguridad para probarlo antes de hacer nada asi no hay riesgo alguno.
Respecto a los jutsus, si te refieres por lo del team kill que añadiste (que supongo que seria el problema), si consigo algo establense podria crear una nueva lista conteniendo personajes aliados, de modo que en lugar de chequear la aldea/organizacion, use listas 'Allies' & 'Enemies'.

O bueno, esa no es la preocupación ahora.
Lo del unlocking system, no seria restringirparte de los personajes, sino aquellos que se consideran OP'd.
Supongo que lo que debería de hacer es editar los jutsus y permitir que al usar un Jutsu, se eligiera la Villa de la que se lanza, y el personaje. Así el propio jutsu verificaría a quién no puede hacer daño, el problema es que desde un principio no lo hice, y se necesitaria mucho tiempo por algo así.
pehaps adding a record system to keep track of your wins/losses and some backgroung music that'd be cool
if u want to have a free for all first u need to make every character to with stand in it not every char can be the last man standing if u know wat i mean
I never said I wanted a free for all. I was not even requesting something, but exposing my ideas so the players may discuss over them before I add them in to the game.
Make a Tournament mode.